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Princess Cadence :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 3 0 Books and Horses :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 4 0 Ocean :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 2 0 Alicorn ReDraw Three! :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 3 0 Sunburst :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 7 9
A Rose Pressed in a Book
Rose straightened her pencils, lining them up one by one, color by color, out of pure boredom. She straightened her papers and her sketches and filled her glass of water, twice over, then set it down on a carefully-folded napkin and stared out the window. The sun was setting, slowly, and the orange-and-yellow lights that pierced through her windows illuminated the countless paintings and drawings that were lining the walls.
Canvases leaned on her bed frame, a few hung above her backboard on display, and drawings were taped to the ceiling above her bed. A mural of people made the pictures, all taped together, slightly sagging from the weight. They smiled and laughed and cried, and she watched them, every night. They seemed to come alive. Sometimes, she would stand on her bed and add color to their faces, the watercolors dripping down onto a sheet she would lay on her sheets to protect them. It was almost complete, having worked on it for weeks on end, little by little. She knew she coul
:iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 0 0
Doctor Whooves :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 5 0 Study Time :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 6 0
A chill down her spine, the breath on the back of her neck, prickling at her, nagging.
Ten feet ahead of her, ten steps behind, ten paces backward, ten forward.
Ten side to side, ten to the west, to the east, to the north, to the south. 
She stood, still, as if patient, not patient at all, but terrified. 
Ten feet ahead, ten feet off to the left, ten paces till' it reached her. 
Ten from the sky, ten paces down the stairs, up the stairs, from the cellar, ten paces from the door frame, ten paces from the window across the room.
Light poured through the window as daylight crept nearer, like tentacles crawling their way across the floor, up the furniture, through the empty house. Through the dust, it shone, and the floorboards creaked and adjusted and settled. They made themselves comfortable, the walls heaved and the heater switched off. 
She stood, still waiting, but not waiting, only frozen. 
The air was thick with dust, the old doors creaked open, the fireplac
:iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 2 0
Art Trade -Sylvia :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 5 4 Peppermint Contest :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 3 3 Billy At Fox Heath Hunter Pace TWO :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 0 0 Billy at Fox Heath Hunter Pace :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 1 3 At The June Fete THREE :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 3 0 At The June Fete TWO :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 0 0 At the June Fete ONE :iconpaintingstrides:PaintingStrides 1 0


Realistic Sketch Portrait :iconpepperscratch:PepperScratch 14 4 To The Moon, But Further :iconpepperscratch:PepperScratch 38 8
Thinking about the 2017 Dr.Who Christmas Special
I know, I know, it's too ruddy early to think, let alone mention, the 2017 Christmas Special, but after reading the news that David Bradley MIGHT be returning to Doctor Who after playing a totally difference character in the episode 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' and the documentary drama 'An Adventure in Space and Time' as William Hartnell / The 1st Doctor, it's been on my mind all day since this morning Nod
Got to say thou, if the story is true that David Bradley is going to be appearing as the 1st Doctor himself in place of William Hartnell and Richard Hurndall ['The Five Doctors' 20th Anniversary Special, 1983] alongside Peter Capaldi's Doctor in his final ever adventure which it is claimed will connect to Peter's first brief moment as the Doctor in 'The Day of the Doctor', then it is definatly something to really get excited about, if perhaps too early in the year.
And boy, what a wonderful way to end the Steven Moffat years once and for a
:icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 2 1
The Gold Knight :iconeyardt:Eyardt 454 7 Portrait of Astrid Berges Frisbey /D.dream :iconvurdem:vurdeM 313 35 Mouse Pad - Derpy with her CM :iconart-n-prints:Art-N-Prints 9 0
Peppermint's Art/Writing Contest: WINNER (Pt. 2/2)
Hello, everyone! This is GJ301. So here’s that other project that’s LONG overdo. I very much apologize to PepperScratch as well as PaintingStrides for getting this out so late. I’ve had so much to manage that it slipped my mind completely. It’s just like Chronicle, where I keep you waiting, but then the tory never continues, and then I never reveal what Matt has been up to, or how the kids gained superpowers, or how Andrew’s father is holding up after his son… sorry, I’m still bitter that there’s no sequel. The point is, I at least have it up now, and I’m glad that it’s finally done. This time, I’ll be reviewing the literary winner, and while I enjoyed both PaintingStrides and pretty-pegasus-wings’s works, there can only be one winner, and we have to analyze one of them. Either way, I congratulate both artists for working very hard. So without any more delay, and I do mean <
:icongj301:GJ301 2 6
Moon Princess (Speed draw included) :iconloodile:Loodile 37 2 Luna and Pinkie 2 :iconakainu7:AKAINU7 60 1 Luna and Pinkie :iconakainu7:AKAINU7 69 2 Princess of The Night :icondividedby-zer0:dividedby-ZER0 204 16 Potrait :iconrav89:RaV89 168 2 Alison Peeler's Peacock :iconhouseofchabrier:HouseofChabrier 119 4 Final Goodbyes :iconmeflysbyseatofpants:MeFlysBySeatOfPants 63 29 Did You Just... :iconunderpable:Underpable 1,225 121


Princess Cadence
Remaking all my old art as a form of procrastination from my new ideas. . .

Original (bout' two years ago or so? Maybe more?):

Cadence by PaintingStrides

Should I do more of these story book-like drawings? 
Alicorn ReDraw Three!
Ohmygod remember this shit:

Alicorns by PaintingStrides

Alicorns re-created by PaintingStrides
. . .I went and drew it.


I didn't include Flurry Heart bc

well, um. . .

it's a really stupid name and I'm bad at foals?? Idk.

Anyway, so yeah, I'll be sure to re-create this two years from now. Cheers. 

(Ignore how awful Cadence and Twilight look.)
I think it's time Sunburst cleaned up those shelves of his before someone gets a concussion from a book from above. . .

For GJ301 's contest--sorry I got it in at least minute gAH I've been so busy with school I completely forgot. #newcharacterartchallenge 

I kinda sorta got it done, though. Might paint it later!

Chapter Four

It’s cold.

So. . .so cold.

Help me.




    “Run!” Ditzy screamed, and they all turned and ran out of the cave. The Cyberpony followed behind as the ponies galloped towards the forest. Peppermint looked at the distant Canterlot castle. It’s lights were shining bright, what it usually looked like during the Summer Sun celebration. But as they approached the forest and the trees began to sprout around them, she noticed something else. There was a green tint in the corner of the sky, just a glimmer. She shook her head, thinking it was her imagination.

The cyberpony was teleporting now, from place to place, so it could reach them faster. It stayed under the cliff that hung off the side of the mountain, sticking to the shadows. It was harder to spot there, and the ponies could only run and hope it wasn’t immediately behind them.

Suddenly, the pony was almost in pace with them, and they hadn’t much space in between them.

The pony teleported in front of them, directly where Peppermint was.

“Help!” She screeched as the pony shot at her, saying in its terrifying monotone voice: “You will be deleted. You will be deleted.”

    Peppermint turned her head, just in time to see a small beam heading towards her. The world stopped, as if in slow motion. The beam hit her in the chest, sending her flying back. She could hear Ditzy screaming her name beyond where she was, but it didn’t feel right. She felt disconnected and lightheaded as the beam hit her.

“Is this what death feels like?” She thought, as she saw all the faces she had only just gotten to know, “Is this the end for me?”

Suddenly, she realized that it might just be the end for her. She closed her eyes and accepted it, a tear rolling down her cheek as she descended into darkness.



She was cold.

“Peppermint! Can you hear me? Wake up!”

So. . .cold. . .


Water was splashed on her face, and she woke up with a start.

“W-what the hell?” She screamed, disoriented. She looked around. The ceiling was spinning still, lights flashing like a heartbeat, and a low hum was audible.    

“Where am I?” She tried to get up.

“Don’t try and get up, now!” The feverish mare was Sugar. “You’ll hurt yourself!”

“Hurt. . .myself?” Peppermint asked, confused. She looked around for Ditzy, who was laying by her side, looking down at her.

“You were attacked by a cyberpony on our little run there,” Ditzy smirked, “Luckily, we were teleported here before anything could happen to us!” The mare was surprisingly more bubbly than she had been before, probably from a lack of immediate danger. Peppermint stared at her, perplexed.

“But. . .how?”

“Quite right, dear, to be disoriented at the moment,” said a stallion’s voice passively from behind her, “Give it a few minutes, it’ll wear off eventually.”

Peppermint was getting frustrated now, from the lack of answers. “How did we get here?” She asked. She turned to face the voice.

Perched on his legs and staring at a screen, was a peculiar-looking buckskin stallion with an hourglass for a cutie mark. His eyes were a deep blue, and fixed on the screen in front of him. As soon as she saw him, he lost focus and looked at her to give her a big grin.

“Hello, Miss Peppermint!” He said.

She lifted a hoof and waved, confused, “Hi?”

“Oh look! Sane ponies!” A blue alicorn exclaimed as she trotted down the steps. “No offense, Ditzy,” but then turned to the stallion, “Take offense, Doctor.”

The “Doctor” stallion pouted and went back to looking at the screen, pushing buttons and scanning through different readings.

The blue pony made her way down to Peppermint, giving her a hoof and helping her up. At first she was a bit unsteady, but eventually was able to stand with Sugar’s support. “Name’s Skywriter,” the pony said. “You must be Peppermint?”

“Why does everyone know my name?” Peppermint hissed inside her head. She was so tired, though, that all she could do was nod.

“Here,” said Sugar, “Drink this.” She handed Peppermint a cup of water. Peppermint gulped down the whole thing. She was so thirsty.

She put the cup down, looking around at all the ponies before her. There was the four ponies she had met that day: Sugar, Mr. Blue, Snowflake, and Ditzy. Ditzy stood next to the buckskin stallion, who were both staring intently at a screen in front of them. Skywriter, the alicorn, sat on a seat a few feet away from Peppermint.

Peppermint finally decided to try and stand, wobbling a bit before she shook her head and leaned against her right haunch.

“Sorry, but. . .Doctor who? Assuming you have a name?”

“Doctor Time Turner. Of course, it really isn’t very catchy, so I’d just prefer ‘Doctor.’” He replied, still staring at the screen, then, after playing around with a few buttons, continued, “We’ve taken you aboard our ship; the TARDIS, she’s called.”

“Who’s ship?” Peppermint looked around, then back  at the Doctor, “Your’s?”

“Well, not just me. Ditzy, Sparkler, Dinky, or Jenny, as is her real name,” He kept on as he switched buttons and levers, “Jack, Skywriter, and sometimes the princesses.” He finished his sentence with a smile, looking at Peppermint before pulling a lever down.

The ship seemed to breathe, heaving for a few seconds, lights flashing and a big pillar in the middle of the room moving up-and-down, before it stop and everything rested.

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Peppermint, but we must be off!” The Doctor ran down the steps, picking up a long trench coat as Ditzy followed. A blue pegasus stallion came from a side hallway carrying a gun-like machine on his back. “All fixed and ready to go, Doctor!” He exclaimed.

“Brilliant, Jack.” The Doctor looked back at all the ponies watching their interactions. “You lot, stay put here,” he looked at Skywriter, “You, stay and watch them. Don’t open the door for anyone, even if you think you can trust them.”

“What!” Skywriter whined, “Am I seriously stuck with the babysitting job?”

“See you!” The Doctor said before heading out the door, Ditzy and Jack following behind closely.

Despite the fact that they were now gone, Peppermint’s eyes were still wide open as she scanned the enormous room. She was still in awe.

“Well, then,” Skywriter sighed, “I guess we have some time to kill.”





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